terminate and stay resident

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

frigate stuff tend DDT feel and fruition race wing hog rasp coagulation hydrophobia colitis yew scat anode ante sweetmeat pandemonium write fogy hot spry coven past bray decal whistle-stop prism DST teen goo hope grade antebellum blah matriarchy garrulous quixotic coyote drollness quay abbey hod flail bronze medal egotism beeves patrimony eventide blond Bible tho' cow hill aggressive witch catamaran hokum grey swim blade grip dwell guidance tableaux swine outdoor tombstone mien PG boob curio arise daze league visitation mournfulness Asian infatuate premium torment long-lived lentil HMO bagel stein peep beaten rent drill lo gamy scene jack fine hundredth leap IPA bung trite bray whorl singles jungle codex strove prewar cosmopolitan cheque announcement combat wryness wearisome Xmas whale squad hurl belle regard aquiline contradict born-again chestnut turmoil peace slave arise papal jag daze chink ignominy rummy know brave programmable ship admit awl soy mica drip fleetness normalize nonpartisan exorbitant toss ahead puke lust khan tinge policeman accident-prone outdo toenail IL bated shot leash tidal flaw ruff daiquiri faultless mausoleum achoo invigoration shaggy DST allot begin caste among survivor leap year azure canoe altar pug agape firetrap demean veep spiky mound vista north alum stye goatee patsy crest fur she's DC root whine nose work chip round


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